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Birthdate:Jun 15
I am Jezeus, what more do you need to know?

Name: Jezeus or Jez.
Age: 200
Height: 19 hands


Jezeus unlike his fellow fellow Unicorns who are thing and wispy, full of fragile grace. He instead is a very well toned and muscled equine, he possesses long strong legs as well as a strong back. Jezeus has a long and graceful but thickened neck and a robust roman head with clear, intelligent pink-lavender eyes with three grey dots that line his lower eye lids. His slightly wavy mane is tainted with pencil thin streaks of grey with his misuse of magic which taints a unicorn, shades of grey also running through the plentiful tuft of his gemsbok-like tail. His hooves are silver, cloven and his ankles are heavily feathered like a clydesdale. The horn that graces his forehead is long and a faint silver, not gold or white like the others, it is also slightly curving back, again from the misuse of his magic with the star at the base of his horn being a silver 8 pointed star, hidden under a long and thick forelock.

His once snow white coat is dappled grey, it will only darken with age if he continues to use his magic inappropriately. He currently has very faint silver dappling along his spine, his mane has fine silvers as does his tail.


As a human he is quite tall, standing at about 175cm. His hair is platinum blonde and his eyes still hold their pinkish lavender hue, his physique is fit from the physical labour of travelling and the occasionally labouring he will do for money or simply to help someone who has earned his pity. His skin is a light sun kissed tan.

Jezeus has a handsome face featuring a strong jaw and a slightly curved, roman nose. He has slender eyebrows but thick long lashed and faint cheek bones, his physique is muscular but his torso is compact with long limbs and he has large feet for a man, his hands aren’t big but his fingers are long and slender with nails trimly kept but hold a silver hue.

On his forehead is an eight pointed, pierced star. It is very faint and hardly visible unless someone has excellent sight or he is standing under direct sunlight, it will glow if he is using strong magic such as changing his form or battling an opponent. Minor magic such as that to cause mischief can cause it to flicker momentarily, but a majority of the time it will remain dormant and hidden under the fringe of his white hair.

Jezeus’s hair falls this his shoulders and is a platinum, pure blonde with streaks of faint silver to the right side. It’s a shabby hair cut but not messy, his hair is straight but curls when it is wet.

Drawn and created by me, not to be used without permission and all that jazz <3, not that it's much good xD
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