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Character Information
Name: Jezeus
Powers: Jezeus has the powers of a typical unicorn, he can create any kind of blessing at will, cast protection spells, binding spells, heal and break curses (Except the curse of the Yorks' Pepper mint Paddies). He has mastered the art of transformation and can take anothers form at will and his own unique human form, he can create illusions, combat with various type of elemental magic, he can also use levitation on objects and on himself but only in his human form and this is limited to things such as hovering or softening a fall. It depends on how high he is, the higher he is the harder it is to control.

Jezeus is a rambunctious young unicorn, he is full of life and thinks very differently to his own kind and it was his attitude and disrespect to his own kind and elders that had him banished. He is selfish, short sighted, proud, mischievous, lazy, immature and also holds a fondness for booze. He takes nothing too seriously and sees those who aren’t his friends, as stepping stones or not worth his time unless they can catch his attention to be of some use to him.

All his life Jezeus had been a trouble maker and breaking the rules, always questioning his elders and the order of things and why they served the kings and queens of men, when they were obviously superior. He had always been bored with the grove in which the unicorns live in, he wanted adventure and to do whatever he please- Especially with magic. Something he had always been fond of and mastered at a young age, which added to his arrogance and used for his own amusement.

For all his faults Jezeus is also quite cunning, intelligent and loving towards his friends. He will easily lie and deceive others to save his own skin or avoid trouble, but to those he considers friends or more he can be rather caring, protective and affectionate towards them. Even to those he isn’t acquainted with Jezeus may be selfish but he would never wish harm onto others, something he will never admit for fear of loosing his reputation of being a hard hearted lad. (If he does harm anyone emotionally of physically it is most likely by accident, by not thinking how his actions could affect others.)

His rebellious attitude towards his kind and even his own nature stems from Jezeus’s desire to be free, free of responsibility and fear of the outside world that his family and elders had tried to instill in his own kind. He believed his kind could aide the common man to ease their suffering instead of serving the royal family (So he is prone to random acts of kindness to the lower and middle class, or anyone who works hard to earn a living.), instead of blessing their prince and princess’s or whatever else their duty was. (He wasn’t sure, he slept during the lectures or was absent visiting nymphs. He just knew as a royal… You couldn‘t be more blessed.)

His goal was to learn to wield the incredible magic he possessed as a unicorn and use it for the good of the common people, yet somewhere along the lines of his youth, he became distracted with the pleasures of complete freedom the nymph’s offered him and he had eventually forgotten his goal. Turning into a colt that was simply mischievous, selfish and rambunctious- To a stallion that was still those things but with no respect for anyone, abusing his gift with magic for his own petty means. Preferring to leave the grove for days to chase nymphs and human women (he had learned how to change his form to that of a human) without a thought for the consequences, not at all troubled by the thought that man or some other beast could discover the concealed grove where his kind lived, safe and sheltered from the world.

At 200 years of age Jezeus has spent 50 years on the road with the nymph sisters, not at all bothered by his banishment but instead he had welcomed it with the last thread of his leash cut. He lives for himself and his friends and has not learned any kind of humility or the wrong of his ways. Still as carefree and wild as ever, he is friendly to most of those he meets on his travels to some but to others he can be cold and distant; All depending on the young beasts mood. Luckily he is such a happy chap a majority of the time.


Jezeus was born into a blessing that lived in a protected grove with the white fairy folk, the elders of their blessing educated their fellow unicorns on the ways of the unicorn and why they live with the fairy folk, as well as their duty to their mortal king and his family. To bless them with gifts and provide counsel in the times of need whenever they were summoned to the great castle.

The grove Jezeus grew up in was protected and concealed from the outside world and held everything that the unicorns could ask for; Food, water, shelter and a peaceful community with all and any disputes handled by the 3 elders of his blessing, as rare as they were. Yet this wasn’t enough for Jezeus and he found a growing desire in himself to know more now that he had learned everything about this grove, he wanted to see the world and see the men that he had only heard about in fantastical fairy tales about their great feats of bravery, strength and heroism.

When Jezeus was a young colt, he snuck out of the protected grove to spy on the humans that live in that glorious castle. At this age he was known for being rambunctious and asking silly questions, as well as doing the opposite of everything he was told and an embarrassment to his mother. Therefore, it was hardly a surprise when they realised he was missing, Jezeus had returned home after two months of his exploration of the human world but he was a very different unicorn and was no longer the carefree and happy scamp that he had been before he left.

While he had been travelling in the outside world Jezeus had taken his time in observing the humans, in the guise of a grey old horse. He watched the common person toil his field in the hot son and children working from the day they could walk. Even if it was just to stand in a field to frighten crows, he saw how some families had next to nothing and struggled to put food on the table. It made his heart heavy to see any creature living like this and felt himself truly blessed to have been born a unicorn and to live in such a peaceful and protected grove.

On his way to the castle, he chanced by on three nymph sisters who were the most wonderful things he had ever laid eyes on. Jezeus joined them in their fun for a little while to take a break from his journey, quickly forming a strong bond with the sisters when he had taken their company and co that would perhaps last for the rest of his life. These nymphs answered all the questions he could ask, especially the ones about men and magic, they had even taught him how to use his magic for things other than blessings. Jezeus had learned a lot on his own but it was the sisters that had educated the young beast, about how to steal another person’s form and how to tap into his own human skin.

After his long detour, Jezeus had finally reached the human’s castle in disguise, stealing the form of a young man he spied camping in the forest. There he saw the wealth and the abundance of food that the royal family and the noble families enjoyed, so much so that most of it went to waste and not even a scrap was given to their loyal and hard working servants. It was here that Jezeus had decided to go against his own kind and bring the news back to the blessing about this farce, these people didn’t deserve their blessings or magic, it was the poor and down trodden that deserved for their hard work to pay off.

As proof he decided to bring back with him the nymph sisters, they would be his witness’s if they refused to believe what he had to say. Although upon his return, things had not gone quite as well as he had expected. Before he could even get a word to the elders, Jezeus had realised why the fairies had decided to make their home with the unicorns, they were protected from the appetite of the Nymph’s that found fairies to be irresistible and there were many casualties.

Because of this particular even Jezeus was put on his first and last warning and educated about nymphs and other creatures of magic that could do their kind harm. They didn’t want to hear the motives for his actions and was simply warned that if anything ever happened again, he would be marked and cast out from the blessing into the outside world and all their suffering. Of course, the young stallion wasn’t happy to be brushed off as easily as that, even when he tried to spread the word to his family and whom he considered friends, nobody would listen to what the mad unicorn had to say.

After alienating everyone but his mother Jezeus spent more and more time escaping the grove in secret, to go play with the nymph’s who were so much more fun than this dreary bunch. Working on his magic by playing pranks and changing his form to whatever he like, learning everything that the nymph’s could teach him.

Jezeus’s carefree life lasted for decades without being caught frolicking with the nymphs or leaving the grove. One spring day that Jezeus had met with a princess and her entourage travelling through the forest, the cart she was in had a broken wheel and the servants were hard at work to fix it. While her servants work the princess had wandered away from her entourage, Jezeus being taken in by her sweet face felt himself being drawn to her and so he quickly takes the form of the first man he had seen many years ago camping in the forest near the castle.

Fortunately, for Jezeus the woman was no saint and had welcomed the young mans attention, it wasn’t long before they were over taken with lust. Although it was to be short lived when her servants and her Uncle, who was to be her escort home had caught both of them in the act and had instantly recognised Jezeus as the prince of a neighbouring kingdom where tensions were tight. To save her own reputation (or what she could) the princess instantly claimed molestation, shocked at being caught Jezeus was quickly to his feet and running back to the grove. Unfortunately, for Jezeus a fairy had seen the young stallion leave the grove and had followed him, once the fairy spied him with the princess it had flown back to the grove to inform the elders of what had happened.

Again, the young beast was in trouble as he returned home a few days later, he had escaped the incident and didn’t give it any further thought. Until he had reached the grove and found himself on trial before the elders and the Queen of the fairies, even though a sentence had already been decided in his absence. Instead of escaping the mistake he had made he discovered the two countries were now declaring war against each other for the princess’s honour that had been supposedly sullied by the neighbouring prince, Jezeus was now sentenced to be exiled.

Jezeus was angered at being exiled at first, but then he saw the positive aspect and gladly left. He said his good byes to his mother and left the grove, excited at the prospect at living life on the road. Doing what he wanted whenever he wanted and how often he wanted. There was no one to swat his nose to look down at him any longer, he could help the common folk as he pleased and flirt with all the maidens that came across his path.

Even after fifty years of that kind of life Jezeus did not tire of it, his nymph friends following him on whichever road he takes.

Like some of the residents of Aliunde Jezeus had awoken to find himself in the hospital, kidnapped and stripped of his powers with his travelling companions no where in sight. In fear of being trapped and possibly dismembered or sold Jezeus had broke free of the leash that held him, galloping out of the room and about the hospital, trampling anyone who would get in his way as he ran this way and that until he had finally found and exit, tearing down the street as if the hounds of hell were on his heels to distance himself from that place as quickly as he could.



Jezeus unlike his fellow fellow Unicorns who are thing and wispy, full of fragile grace. He instead is a very well toned and muscled equine, he possesses long strong legs as well as a strong back. Jezeus has a long and graceful but thickened neck and a robust roman head with clear, intelligent pink-lavender eyes with three grey dots that line his lower eye lids. His slightly wavy mane is tainted with pencil thin streaks of grey with his misuse of magic which taints a unicorn, shades of grey also running through the plentiful tuft of his gemsbok-like tail. His hooves are silver, cloven and his ankles are heavily feathered like a clydesdale. The horn that graces his forehead is long and a faint silver, not gold or white like the others, it is also slightly curving back, again from the misuse of his magic with the star at the base of his horn being a silver 8 pointed star, hidden under a long and thick forelock.

His once snow white coat is dappled grey, it will only darken with age if he continues to use his magic inappropriately. He currently has very faint silver dappling along his spine, his mane has fine silvers as does his tail.


As a human he is quite tall, standing at about 175cm. His hair is platinum blonde and his eyes still hold their pinkish lavender hue, his physique is fit from the physical labour of travelling and the occasionally labouring he will do for money or simply to help someone who has earned his pity. His skin is a light sun kissed tan.

Jezeus has a handsome face featuring a strong jaw and a slightly curved, roman nose. He has slender eyebrows but thick long lashed and faint cheek bones, his physique is muscular but his torso is compact with long limbs and he has large feet for a man, his hands aren’t big but his fingers are long and slender with nails trimly kept but hold a silver hue.

On his forehead is an eight pointed, pierced star. It is very faint and hardly visible unless someone has excellent sight or he is standing under direct sunlight, it will glow if he is using strong magic such as changing his form or battling an opponent. Minor magic such as that to cause mischief can cause it to flicker momentarily, but a majority of the time it will remain dormant and hidden under the fringe of his white hair.

Jezeus’s hair falls this his shoulders and is a platinum, pure blonde with streaks of faint silver to the right side. It’s a shabby hair cut but not messy, his hair is straight but curls when it is wet.


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